Creative thinking

We foster a culture of thinking differently and have a comprehensive system for promoting innovations

Pioneering Change

Pioneering change is an intrinsic part of our culture. In addition to internal departments dedicated to innovation and technological advancement ranging from digital transformation through to artificial intelligence and robotics, we also seek out and collaborate with industry experts and academic institutions on the latest in methods and technology that will benefit both our business and the industry as a whole.

We also run a broad range of recognition programmes that includes monthly and annual innovation competitions to reward our staff for demonstrating creativity and seeking out new ideas and technology to benefit our operations. We also promote interdisciplinary collaboration through a number of initiatives that enable the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

We are committed to encouraging innovative thinking and we are willing to take the lead to influence both the industry and government, sharing our findings so we can steer the industry to greater performance and a more technologically savvy workforce.

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