Responsible Growth

Driving change with clear commitments for a more sustainable business by 2025

Sustainability Strategy

Gammon does not treat sustainability and business operations as separate. We are committed to operating a socially responsible business that is able to deliver our clients’ projects to their satisfaction while minimising negative impacts on, and creating positive change for, society and the environment.
Our sustainability strategy, Responsible Growth – 25 by 25, focuses on four areas: safety, environment, value chain and people. These are driven by strong governance and risk management, inspired by innovative thinking and communicated and promoted to all stakeholders.



Value Chain



Safety – Zero Harm

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of everything we do and have taken a leading role to improve construction safety across the industry.

Our commitment to keep the people we employ safe from serious harm is embodied in our Zero Harm programme to remove the risks that lead to fatalities and serious injuries. The goal of this programme is to deliver zero fatalities, zero permanently disabling injuries and zero injuries to our workers and members of the public.

Gammon's Zero Harm Roadmap sets out the basis of this strategy, our engagement with stakeholders and the tools we will use to develop a Gammon safety culture and to make Gammon a truly Zero Harm organisation.

We reinforce our safety management through four layers of protection – design, plant and equipment, process and people – to prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents during our works by eliminating risk at the design stage and meticulously planning work. We also engage our suppliers and subcontractors in our Zero Harm programme through training, workshops, our annual safety conference and promotions.

We are also guided by our Bold commitments – a set of actions exceeding mandatory requirements, designed to embed our Zero Harm approach into the workplace and make safety personal – and twice a year we hold a Stand Down where work halts across our sites and offices to focus on safety issues.

As an industry leader, Gammon holds a safety conference every year to promote a culture of safety in the construction industry. Attended by clients, industry leaders, Government representatives, subcontractors, suppliers and Gammon staff, the conference provides a platform for sharing insights and experiences on safety issues and challenging trade practices.

Environment – Zero Waste

We appreciate the construction industry uses a huge amount of resources and we are responsible for significant waste. We aim to reduce the environmental pressures we put on already stressed natural systems, as well as play our part in reducing contributions to global warming. We must also adapt and be resilient to climate change and the impacts of inevitable increases in extreme weather events.

We are therefore increasing our focus on managing the direct and indirect impacts of our works through better design and application of technology such as offsite construction and the use of BIM. And we continue to raise standards through ‘better than compliance’ practices on site with our Green and Caring Site Commitment Scheme.

Our Green and Caring Site Commitment (G&C) Scheme is an internal programme that tries to go ‘beyond compliance’ with mandatory standards or contract specifications and aims to:

  • Enhance employee awareness of environmental and social issues;
  • Encourage best practice in safety and Zero Harm;
  • Promote and achieve high standards of housekeeping;
  • Achieve greater energy and water efficiency, material conservation and waste reduction;
  • Promote a culture of care for people and demonstrate high standards of worker welfare;
  • Encourage community engagement and corporate social commitment;
  • Promote innovative procedures and practices; and
  • Recognise and reward best practice and exceptional efforts.

The G&C Scheme proactively supports Hong Kong Development Bureau measures for cleanliness and tidiness and the Singapore Building Construction Authority’s Green and Gracious Builder.

Waving the Flag: Gammon Green Flag Projects.

Value Chain – Co-Creation

Collaboration with the whole value chain is essential to bring about the needed improvements in environmental, safety and productivity performance. Our intent is to work with our clients, architects, designers, supply chain and sub-contractors to:

  • Encourage wider adoption of BIM and take the fullest advantage of the opportunities it presents.
  • Adopt offsite and other modern methods of construction.
  • Facilitate the digitalisation of project management and delivery.
  • Responsibly source and produce more sustainable materials.

People - Caring


We place great importance on the health and wellbeing of our employees and put considerable effort into providing them with opportunities for personal development.

Each new member of staff is allocated a mentor and our Gammon Academy offers structured curricula in various disciplines available for all staff. We also provide training in specific trades, learn-and-earn opportunities through formal apprenticeship programmes, and further education sponsorship opportunities for all employees.

We were the first contractor in Hong Kong to begin offering free onsite nurse visits and health checks to our workers and subcontractors, and we run a range of programmes each year that focus on the prevention of diseases and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on the quality of onsite welfare facilities provided for our employees and workers, which go far beyond local industry norms.


We also consider ourselves to be an integral part of the communities in which we operate and have a long history of supporting local initiatives.

Increasingly, we see wider social responsibilities on the agendas of our customers and among our employees, who believe society needs the support and skills of those in the business community. Our community initiatives include not only financial assistance but also contributions of time, venues and resources.


Governance of the business and sustainability efforts relates to our core value of integrity – doing what’s right, being an ethical, transparent and socially responsible company, declaring our impacts and efforts to reduce them and demonstrating good governance.

Governance of corporate sustainability is addressed through the following means:

  • Executive directors (ExCo) at the Safety and Environmental Action Committee are responsible for overall direction and guidance.
  • The Sustainability Steering Group report back to ExCo on initiatives and progress on the Responsible Growth - 25 by 25 targets and actions.
  • The Project and Operations Environmental Working Group addresses project site-based operational issues.

As our industry is one that comes with many risks, risk management remains a critically important discipline for us. Our risk management approach covers all elements of our operations including tenders, projects, functions, and corporate level operations.

Further information about our overall governance structure and risk management approach can be found in our Sustainability Report.