The Gammon Way

Building a better, more sustainable future as a contractor of choice, honouring our core values of safety, excellence and integrity

Core Values

Gammon has a set of Core Values that define our work ethic and guide our workforce in today’s rapidly changing and challenging world. The Core Values - Safety, Integrity and Excellence - have been incorporated into a philosophy called The Gammon Way, which also outlines Gammon’s Mission and Vision.

Our Mission

To build for a better quality of life and living environment in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our Vision

To be the smart and digital contractor of choice in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

At Gammon, our ultimate goal is to deliver a high level of quality to our customers. This means not only the quality of our built products and service outcomes, but also in the way they are delivered: reliably, safely and responsibly.

We believe that we can best deliver the level of quality to which we aspire by concentrating on our three core values of Safety, Integrity and Excellence.

Risk Appetite

The ongoing development of Gammon’s risk management processes has included an evaluation of the company’s willingness to take risks based on informed decision-making in order to pursue its mission and vision, and meet strategic priorities. This risk appetite has been set in the context of the interaction between risk assessment processes and its ability to mitigate and exert control over existing and emerging risks.

Risk appetite within any organisation is dynamic. Changes to the business environment and strategic priorities will require a reassessment of tolerances. The tone and direction for any such revision is led and implemented by management and project leaders to ensure it is embedded in critical business processes. Gammon is committed to fostering employee behaviours and work practices that are fully in line with our principles of Safety, Integrity and Excellence.

Strategic Priorities – The Gammon Way

We actively challenge the construction process to reduce and remove risk.
· We make safety personal and meaningful.
· Our managers accept their responsibility for keeping people safe.
· We make it easy to work safely.
· Safety is an integral part of effective and efficient construction in our projects.
· In a conflict of interest, safety always comes first.
Risk Appetite
We have zero appetite for compromising safety in our construction activities. The Company strives to mitigate safety risk to zero.
Key Risks:
· Fatality or serious injury.
· Catastrophic incident.

Strategic Priorities – The Gammon Way

We always do the right thing.
· We are fair and open with everybody.
· We do not walk past what is wrong or unsafe.
· We keep our promises.
· We support everyone for doing the right thing.
· We practice corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
· We respect each other as equals.
· We live by the Gammon Code of Conduct.
Risk Appetite
We have zero appetite for compromising our integrity. We strive to ensure that the Gammon name and brand is protected.
Key Risks:
· Dishonest business dealings.
· Business misconduct.
· Breach of information security.
· Unfair terms of trading.

Strategic Priorities – The Gammon Way

We strive to improve and exceed expectations.
· We deliver best engineering solutions.
· We manage out risks.
· We act as one to win customers’ hearts.
· We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions.
· We will not accept the second best.
· We foster our people’s development and growth.
Risk Appetite
We have Low appetite for risk around customer delivery. We strive to be a market leader renowned for excellence. We look for return in line with risks taken.
Key Risks:
· Substandard project execution.
· Financial Instability.
· Business interruption.
· Loss of staff, competencies and skills.