Life at Gammon
We take care of our greatest assets – our employees. We also make an impact on the communities we serve.
15 Years+ Caring Company

We have always been a company that is as equally committed to business as we are to the people that make our business happen. We are proud to be the recipient of the 15 Years Plus Caring Company Logo from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our continuing commitment to “caring for the community”, “caring for employees” and “caring for the environment”.

Looking after the Mind and Body

Employee wellbeing is valued at Gammon. As well as running the Key2Wellness programme, which promotes physical and mental health practices in the workforce, we have also established a care hotline and Employee Assistance Programme. The WELL Building Standard for the new office fit-out is also adopted.

The Gammon Communities

We have a number of communities in Gammon, such as the Young Professional Group, Gammon Staff Recreation Club, Construction Supervisor Technician Apprentice Group and, most recently, the Women in Gammon and Allies (WinG) employee network group. These communities offer professional development and social engagement activities for staff and even family members, helping foster team spirit among colleagues and facilitate informal networking.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re all different, whether it's race, age, gender identity or its expression, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, culture, experience or socio-economic background. Being different is good! Our differences can generate various points of view and contribute to creativity and innovation. Research shows that diverse, inclusive teams are not only more innovative, they’re also more engaged and successful. 

At Gammon we wish to create positive workplaces that are fair, inclusive and more respectful, where everyone feels safe and supported. Places where people can bring their true personalities, achieve their maximum potential, and feel a sense of belonging that can be both exciting and rewarding. 

Care for the Community during Covid-19

Our colleagues at Gammon have been helping the Hong Kong community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout 2020, members of the Gammon Young Professionals Group, colleagues and their children, together with a number of NGOs, have lent a helping hand in distributing over 70,000 face coverings and over 1,500 bottles of hand sanitiser to low-income families and the elderly.

Run for Good

We have a group of colleagues who are passionate about running, particularly in the Gammon runners club! They participate in various running events, one of which is the Lighthouse Club Lap Dog Challenge where runners complete as many 400-metre laps as they can in five hours for charity. In the recent challenge, our team of five ran a total of 439 laps and successfully raised over HK$90,000!

Walkathon to Guangzhou

In coordination with the Hong Chi Association, a Hong Kong non-profit organisation that provides assistance to people with intellectual disabilities, we have been holding the annual Walkathon to Guangzhou for the past eight years. With the support of Gammon colleagues, subcontractors and suppliers, the event has been an enjoyable success, with the total amount of funds raised to assist the disadvantaged at more than HK$2.29 million.

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

Back in 2012, Gammon volunteers celebrated the completion of a nine-month community service project to upgrade 218m of footpaths at the Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve in Tai Po which provides an important habitat for more than 240 species of butterfly. In 2017, our Young Professionals Group and Next Generation Panel on Sustainability organised a return to the reserve, to carry out a three-month volunteer project to extend and restore a further 155m of pathways that had deteriorated due to wear and erosion.