Meet the People
Learn from our employees about their career journeys, gain insights into the different roles and responsibilities in Gammon, and find out why they choose to work with us.
The most memorable project for me so far is The Midfield Concourse at the airport…… it is a large-scale project about 10,000 tonnes of steel were used…… it’s one of the few steel structures that can be felt by touch.
Ernie Fung
Assistant Project Manager
I really wanted to know how to turn a flat ground into a high-rise building. It is because of such curiosity, I chose to study Civil Engineering at the University.
Cathy Kwong
Project Manager
I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in Gammon’s internship and fellowship programme. My colleagues all took good care of me, it was just like a big family.
Ivy Kei
Assistant Engineer
This is my 22nd year working in this company. The challenging nature of work and the sense of achievement are among the reasons for me to stay.
Sherman Tang
Senior Construction Manager
Gammon has a Young Professionals Group organising various kinds of activities that are meaningful and help broaden my horizons.
Jacky Yang
Assistant Environmental Engineer
Being a Jardine Ambassador allows me to network with employees from other business units. This is a rare opportunity and something many other construction companies do not offer.
Kenneth Chua
Graduate Engineer
My overall impression of Gammon - it's a really great business to work for. It's really fast paced and probably the most advanced digital construction business in Hong Kong.
James Thompson
Head of Digital Engineering
The company encourages us to constantly upgrade ourselves and be equipped with the current knowledge and skill sets to perform our work.
Lim Mei Ping
Assistant HR Manager