To Build High Quality Talents

We invest heavily in providing opportunities for our people to upskill and grow to their full potential, because we know their development is our future

Gammon Academy

Established in 2003, Gammon Academy provides diversified training programmes to nurture a proactive learning culture and to ensure our people are competent in performing their jobs and future roles. In 2017, the Academy was restructured into six Business Unit Colleges and four Centres of Excellence. The Colleges formulate their training plans in conjunction with the Centres of Excellence and the roadmaps for our people.

The training roadmaps for our people are Business Unit specific, and it also covers the topics in health, safety and environmental control, quality management, engineering capabilities development, BIM, commercial awareness, claims, strategy tendering, project planning and controlling, procurement and legal requirements, and managerial skills development to prepare the requirements for future of work.

Each year, we run an average of over 150 sessions in our training programmes. In addition to classroom training, we offer different learning modes like seminars, sharing sessions, virtual and online training, virtual reality training, overseas training trips to cultivate and engaging learning environment.

Our Mission


To build high quality talents and capabilities for the sustainability development of Gammon and the Construction Industry