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Gammon Construction one-stop service won the prestigious Gold Award of the HKAEE for Project "Airport Authority Hong Kong Contract P533 - Midfield Concourse Works"

Gammon Construction Limited was awarded the Gold Award (Construction Industry) of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2013 for the Airport Authority Hong Kong’s P533 Midfield Concourse Works project (hereafter referred to as "Midfield Project"). This is the fourth time that the Company has won this prestigious award.


The Midfield Project showcases Gammon’s one-stop construction strategies, which bring all of its capabilities together in one comprehensive package of skills and services including engineering design, building & construction, foundation, E&M, steel fabrication and concrete. This integration allows the project to minimise its carbon footprint by wise use of on-site resources and effective wastage control. These initiatives and their benefits include:


·Adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the planning stage demonstrates the power of “Foresight”. The possibility of “virtual-before-built” by using 3D modelling enables the project team to detect any defects concealed in the design before the commencement of works. Hence, it minimises the risks of construction defects and work delay, while it also facilitates the construction by being able to evaluate accurate material quantities and delivery schedules.


·The originality of an internal integrated system i720 has further enhanced the application of BIM. The innovative technology has successfully integrated various functions including BIM, design, method statements and material quantity estimation. It has created a strong connection amongst the different internal departments and the project team, thus contributing to the reduction in material wastage.


·Establishing an on-site concrete batching plant would reduce 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions generated during concrete delivery due to the significant shortening of the transportation distance, which is equivalent to the amount of using 5,015 trees to offset in a year.


·Establishment of on-site bulk stockpile yard and stone crushing plant would help the Midfield Project reusing over 70% excavated spoil on-site, and turning 120,000 m3 of hard rock materials into suitably-sized aggregates for onward backfilling.


·Use of mechanised construction method for concrete structures and establishment of on-site precast fabrication yard on the project site are able to save 3,500 tonnes of timber, which would otherwise be used as formwork. 


Besides, among 1,500 frontline workers of the Midfield, a third of the workforce are Gammon’s direct labour, which enables the Company to provide comprehensive services with better control, higher quality, and safer working conditions.


SY Yu, Executive Director of Gammon commented: "With our client Airport Authority Hong Kong’s support and our commitment to ‘Use Wisely, Waste Less and Low Carbon Construction’, we are able to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance and receive the gold award of HKAEE. The close partnership has inevitably facilitated our operation to build the greenest airport.”


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About the Midfield Concourse project

The Midfield Concourse project involves the construction of a five-level concourse more than 700 metres long, 20 aircraft stands, a cross-field taxiway, extension of the APM tunnel from Terminal 1 to the Concourse, a new taxiway and extension of the South Runway Road. The project team has worked closely with the Airport Authority Hong Kong to build the new Midfield Concourse with its application of sustainable construction solutions. It strives to achieve the Hong Kong Green Building Council’s BEAM Plus Gold Standard, aligning with the client’s vision.



HKAEE, organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, aims to encourage businesses and organisations to adopt green management and award environmental excellence. It has been recognised as one of the most prestigious and reputable award schemes in Hong Kong. The HKAEE comprises the ‘Sectoral Awards’, ‘Environmental Labels’ and ‘Carbon “Less” Certificates’. One of the categories of the Sectoral Award goes to the Construction Industry.