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The first contractor in Hong Kong to use B5 biodiesel on plant & equipment

Gammon Construction Limited (Gammon) is dedicated to enhancing sustainability and is the first construction company in Hong Kong to introduce the use of B5 biodiesel to its operations. Gammon also minimises its impact on the environment and communities through responsible sourcing of construction materials and products.


The pioneer in B5 biodiesel use

Diesel fuel is commonly used in construction plant & equipment; and biodiesel use is one of the ways to reduce the carbon emissions in energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future. With the aim of reducing carbon footprint in our operations and facilitating the recycling of cooking oil, Gammon has worked with its fuel supplier since 2013 to launch the use of B5 biodiesel in our plant and equipment, and we are proud to have achieved the following remarkable results.

• The first and only construction company in Hong Kong uses B5 biodiesel in 100% of our owned plant and equipment on our solo project sites

• Extended the use of B5 biodiesel to mixer trucks in 2015

• A saving of 5,529 tonnes CO2 since the launch up to the end of 2015, which is equivalent of one person taking about 5,119 return flights from Hong Kong to Melbourne (based on the UN International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Carbon Emissions Calculator).


Using sustainable materials through responsible sourcing

Gammon commits to implementing responsible sourcing, integrating social and environmental considerations in our operations and supply chains. Our recent achievements include:

• Use of over 95% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) / Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified sustainable timber & plywood for formwork and 100% use of FSC/PEFC mixed sources timber doors

• Introduction of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) barriers which are more durable and recyclable, achieving a lower life cycle cost with cost reductions exceeding 30%

• Working with the barrier supplier to take back end-of-life barrier for recycling into new barriers and other products

• Use of biodegradable packaging materials and engagement of suppliers and subcontractors to implement the principle of “take back and reuse”

• Introduction of modular fabrication that has reduced waste and improved productivity and safety


Gammon has been awarded the Carbon Care Label Certificate by Carbon Care Asia in 2014 and 2015, recognising our dedication to creating low carbon construction process. Our high performance, low carbon concrete mixes have also earned Carbon Labels for construction products initiated by the Construction Industry Council. Our responsible procurement practices have also been widely recognised, and this year we won the Asia’s Best Supply Chain Reporting Award in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2015.

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