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Gammon’s commitment to enhancing productivity

Gammon Construction Limited (Gammon) is committed to enhancing productivity through innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of aging labour force and skilled labour shortage. We believe the introduction of new technologies would also help attract young people to join the industry.


Digitisation, Cloud Computing & Big Data

Through digitisation, in combination with Gammon self-developed cloud computing, online storage and mobile apps, data collected during the construction period could be integrated and shared. By mastering big data it could enable more accurate site works, and the implementation of real-time monitoring could lead to savings in time, as well as efficiency and safety enhancement.


Innovative Technology Application

Gammon is also introducing other cutting-edge technologies in the training and operations aspects so as to enhance productivity. Initiatives include:

• VR Welding training: VR is extended to welding training course with the introduction of $500,000 computer sets. It allows trainees to improve their skills in a safe environment, and the rating of skill level could be standardised. Training could also be conducted without the presence of trainers.

• Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA): By integrating construction plans through Building Information Modelling, production and prefabrication could be conducted off-site, streamlining installation process on-site thus enhancing safety and efficiency.

• Digitalisation of work processes:

    o Introducing electronic concrete delivery note to monitor the delivery process of concrete in real-time

    o Introducing intelligent traffic control app to manage vehicle flow and tower crane usage in order to ease the traffic jam inside and outside the sites


Labour Supply Internal Survey

According to Gammon’s internal survey on labour shortage, which was carried out in April 2017, the percentage of overall extra workers required was 3.8%. The shortage was slightly eased when compared to the figures of 5.4% in last November. However, shortage of skilled workers still exists. Trades that suffered most include marble worker; fire service electrical fitter; cement sand mortar; brick layer; plasterer; fire service mechanical fitter; drain and pipe layer; carpenter; plumber; electrical wireman. The shortage was highest in E&M division, with 9.72% of extra workers needed.

In combating the shortage of skilled workers and to enhance productivity, Gammon has introduced various measures, such as employing more female workers, launching of multi-skilling training programme, and training of new blood through participation in various schemes (e.g. Contractor Cooperative Training Scheme, Advance Construction Manpower Training Scheme, etc.).

Gammon also advocates drawing on the experiences of Switzerland and Germany to enhance the territory’s apprenticeship programme.  Training scheme and duration should be tailor-made for different trades in order to meet the industry needs; and more focus on technology training is required.

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