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Sanfield-Gammon Construction Joint Venture wins Sai Sha Road Widening Project

Gammon Construction Limited (“Gammon”) in joint venture with Sanfield (Management) Limited has been awarded an approximately HK$2.3 billion project to widen Sai Sha Road in Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung. The contract was awarded by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited.

The civil project involves widening of a section of the current road from two lanes to dual two lanes, development of a cycling track, installation of noise barriers, implementation of greening works to compensate for the affected trees, construction of three footbridges and extensive water and sewage utility provisions including two pumping stations and installation of sewage pipes by tunnel boring machine along existing roads 2.1km north of the project to the Ma On Shan area. Upon completion of the project, Sai Sha Road will be wider with enhanced road safety together with the elimination of flooding risk.

Gammon has developed a long-standing partnership with Sun Hung Kai Properties through previous projects and has been working closely with the developer to review the design buildability, to improve the project management and to enhance the cost effectiveness of the Sai Sha project.

The application of innovative technologies will form a key approach on the project and includes the implementation of 4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) for construction of the pumping stations and the exploration of modular construction approaches for E&M works. Drone and 3D land surveying will also be adopted to monitor the 4.1km-long site area to maintain instant and reliable project progress records. Engineers will also be able to access tree felling, transplanting and retaining progress using mobile apps on a real-time basis.

A comprehensive set of key risk factors and mitigation measures for the Sai Sha project have been identified within Gammon’s Zero Harm framework to ensure that works are carried out in a safe and sustainable manner.

Thomas Ho, Chief Executive of Gammon said, “The Sai Sha Road widening project builds on Gammon’s extensive experience and expertise of similar contracts in Hong Kong including the widening of Tolo Highway and the reconstruction and improvement of Tuen Mun Road. Gammon’s expertise will ensure the efficient and safe delivery of this key infrastructure project for Hong Kong.”

The project is expected to be complete in 2023.

An estimated workforce of approximately 600 will be engaged during the peak construction period.


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