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Gammon Applies Integrated Digital Project Delivery (IDPD) scheme and Completes the First Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Demonstration Project in Hong Kong

Gammon Construction Limited (‘Gammon’) has applied Integrated Digital Project Delivery (IDPD) scheme – the way to tie all the digital tools together, from planning to facilities management, to achieve greater efficiencies in construction. Gammon has also completed first modular integrated construction (“MiC”) demonstration project locally. The project revealed the opportunities for enhanced quality, productivity, safety and sustainability that can be gained through the innovative approach to building.

Gammon celebrated a new era of 60th anniversary in 2018 and embarked a fresh vision of transformation by pushing back the boundaries of technology for the benefit of clients and the construction industry at large. Central to this vision is a new way of thinking about how to build for increased productivity, safety, quality and sustainability. Gammon named this approach “IDPD” and the digital tools underlying IDPD include BIM, AI, sensors, photogrammetry, 3D scanning.. etc.

IDPD is an approach for managing construction projects that integrates processes and people over the entire course of a project, from the initial planning and design stages through to facilities management. Gammon Chief Executive, Thomas Ho said, “This is the direction in which global industry is headed, and we believe it is incumbent upon us not only to follow but to lead this process of digital transformation.”

MiC and the Future of Construction

As part of the IDPD approach, the two-storey demonstration building project, commissioned by Construction Industry Council, presents MiC through 10 modules representative of rooms found in a typical hotel, hostel, one-bed home, three-bed home and an elderly home. The project was almost entirely built using components assembled offsite in the process of Modular Integrated Construction.

The MiC approach enabled 70% of the project to be constructed off-site, at a factory in Mainland China. The modules were fully decked out with everything from electrical wiring through to fixtures, fittings and even wallpaper, then delivered and installed at the site in Hong Kong.


In addition to 30% reduction of production time, the factory controlled process enabled better quality control, generated less waste, created fewer disturbances on site, and provided workers with an indoor environment in which to safely carry out their duties, protected from inclement weather.

Through the adoption of IDPD, Gammon hopes to advancing the industry in overcoming common challenges on manpower shortage, site safety, rising construction costs and quality assurance.




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