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Gammon and Sensat join forces to speed up digitalisation of city spatial information to meet huge infrastructure development demand ahead

Gammon Construction Limited (‘Gammon’) announces strategic partnership with Sensat, a leading UK digital twin technology company, to integrate all drone-captured topographical, asset, and real-time operation data into one of the world’s most advanced digital platforms, to help the industry deliver infrastructure projects more efficiently through visualisation of project data anywhere, anytime.

“There is a huge pipeline of infrastructure and railway developments in the Hong Kong region to meet with the rapid population growth and transport demand, which calls for the need of a capable future-proofed digital platform to store, manage and analyse the project data in order to facilitate efficient project management and delivery,” said Paul Evans, Executive Director & CTO of Gammon.

Sensat’s platform is a cloud-based Common Visualisation Environment® that allows project managers to layer, locate, and compare site data over time across teams, and visualise dynamic project performance, accessing site data remotely. Sensat turns complex visual and spatial data into what is described as “contextual simulated reality” designed to enable computers to solve real world problems. Over the past years, Sensat has been involved in delivering one of the largest strategic unmanned air vehicle surveying jobs in the UK across the entire phase one route of HS2, and is part of their Innovation Accelerator initiative, set to target HS2’s innovation challenges of productivity, the environment, and the circular economy.

Gammon’s partnership with Sensat aims to bring their success in delivering digital assets in the UK to Hong Kong.

“At Gammon, it has been a common practice for our projects to use drones to capture project data. This, together with the increased digital data collection from IoT (internet of things) sensors and computer vision on our sites, means we are starting to see the criticality of having a versatile platform to process and analyse this data to generate insights for project management. Sensat’s technology is by far one the most advanced in fulfilling such needs,” Evans said.

"It’s such a pleasure to be partnering with Gammon, a like-minded digital disruptor committed to pushing boundaries with construction innovation, while having a clear vision of excellence founded on safety, sustainability and absolute integrity,” said James Dean, CEO at Sensat. “It’s an exciting time of growth for the region, and to be a part of changing and reshaping the industry with new ideas and methods marks a boost of development in Hong Kong and a key step up in international expansion for Sensat."

“This is an exciting partnership between Gammon and Sensat which again demonstrates the interest in tech collaborations between the UK and Hong Kong,” says Corin Wilson, Director, Trade & Investment, UK Department for International Trade. “The UK has a long pedigree and a world class reputation in developing and utilising innovative technology to optimise the built environment. By investing in our domestic capability around digital twin technology in the UK, we are innovating and developing new products in digital asset management which can improve the design, planning, delivery and safety of the built environment worldwide. In places like Hong Kong, home to forward thinking construction companies like Gammon, those technologies can make a real difference. We are keen to continue working with Hong Kong industry and government so that we can bring our innovative technologies to make the world’s cities more sustainable, responsive and smart.”

Gammon and Sensat have been working together to perform a few pilot trial projects in Hong Kong, aiming at demonstrating value to the client, as well as showcasing the integration together with digital technologies, including the BIM Cave in the Immersive Smart Lab in Gammon Quayside headquarters.

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