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Gammon wins five awards at 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

Gammon Construction Limited (Gammon) today receives five awards at the 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE). The project of Gammon – Kaden SCL 1111 Joint Venture: Hung Hom North Approach Tunnels wins the Gold Award in Construction Industry category. This is the fifth time Gammon wins the Gold Award in this category.

The SCL 1111 project involves the construction of two cut-and-cover tunnels over 1km long, connecting the East Rail Line to the new platforms of Hung  Hom Station, and Ho Man Tin Station to Hung Hom Station respectively. Three innovative approaches were implemented to cope with the engineering challenges in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • Bridge saving design

Through the adoption of non-demolition scheme, the demolition of two existing bridges was avoided while the bridge deck was supported on temporary columns, it thus enhanced safety and saved time.

  • Pile retaining design

The alternative design was the realignment of the North South Corridor tunnel away from the existing Hung Hom Bypass Pier. It successfully eliminated the impact to the existing pier and helped to minimise the generation of construction waste.

  • Travelling steel formwork

The travelling formwork with an in-built boarding system effectively facilitated the wall construction of the future noise enclosure.

Those new strategies provided significant benefits that 371 construction days, 180 night works and 9,510 tonnes waste were saved.

Gammon is awarded two Bronze Awards. They go to the West Kowloon Terminus Station North (Contract 810A) for the Hong Kong Section of the Express Rail Link project under the Construction Industry sector and the Company’s Concrete Technology department under the Manufacturing and Industrial Services sector, which is the first time Gammon receives accolades in this category. The Department is also awarded the Wastewi$e Label – Class of Excellence.

Two Certificates of Merit in Construction Industry are awarded to the Construction of Lower Ngau Tau Lok Estate Redevelopment Phase 2 and 6, as well as the Central Police Station Conservation and Revitalisation Project, their efforts of building sustainability being highly appreciated.

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HKAEE, organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, aims to encourage businesses and organisations to adopt green management and award environmental excellence. It has been recognised as one of the most prestigious and reputable award schemes in Hong Kong. The HKAEE comprises the ‘Sectoral Awards’, ‘Environmental Labels’ and ‘Carbon “Less” Certificates’. Categories of ‘Construction Industry’ and ‘Manufacturing and Industrial Services’ are under the Sectoral Award.

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