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Gammon Wins Technological Achievement Award

The research, design and successful development of Grade 100MPa high-performance concrete for use in a 70-storey office tower won the 2007 Hong Kong Awards for Industires: Technological Achievement Award.

It marks the first extensive use of such concrete in Hong Kong, showing how technology is applied to the construction industry.

The grade of high strength concrete most commonly used in Hong Kong is 60MPa. With its systematic approach Gammon has succeeded both in improving that grade and in providing an innovative, highly engineered and environmentally friendly product - .

When fresh this concrete is flowing and stable, but has the properties of long workability retention and excellent pumpability. Indeed it is easy to pump it vertically to a height of 200 meters above ground level, and it still flows without significant segregation or consolidation. During the hardening process it generates only low temperature rise and volume change. When it is hard, it has an advantageous high early strength and a grade strength of 100 MPa at 28 days as well as demonstrating excellent durability.

Using this concrete brings multiple benefits to developers, architects, engineers, contractors, occupants and the general public as follows:

- Potential for greater usable floor area and hence savings on overall construction costs for reinforced concrete buildings;

- Possibility of more creative designs;

- More efficient, flexible and potentially shorter construction processes due to early strength gain and workability retention properties;

- Healthier and quieter working conditions thanks to the lower concrete vibration required for compaction;

- A more sustainable option when compared to using conventional concrete because smaller volumes of materials are consumed, less formwork is required and consequently less construction waste is produced; and

- This all translates into energy savings and hence reduced carbon emissions.

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