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Gammon Redevelops Hennessy Centre with Green Approach

Gammon Construction Limited has been awarded a building contract of valuing more than HK$1.5 billion by Hysan Development Company Limited for the Hennessy Centre Redevelopment. It is the first Hong Kong building that has achieved pre-certification of the highest Platinum level under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

LEED is a green building rating system established by the USGBC since 1993 and widely used in the U.S. and Canada. It promotes and assesses a building's sustainability that covering these six areas: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

The Hennessy Centre redevelopment will also aim to meet the most stringent requirements of Hong Kong's Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM).

Mr. Thomas Ho, Chief Executive of Gammon, said, "Having constructed the original building, we are particularly delighted to be involved in this Causeway Bay landmark twice," adding that this significant LEED Platinum project in Hong Kong will set an example of an environmentally friendly building in the community.

To enhance the project's environmental friendliness and construction efficiency, Gammon will adopt Building Information Management (BIM) technology in reaching the LEED's Platinum level standard. Gammon believes that this move will help reduce waste, improve on design coordination, optimize resources, and to mitigate the project risks in advance of the construction activities kicked start on site.

Other initiatives including the use of large-panel system formwork and wood from sustainable sources help promote the conservation of natural resources and raise the social awareness of the use of certified wood from sustainable sources. Polluted water during construction will be recycled and used for general cleaning and dust suppression, thus reducing the consumption of potable water. Gammon will also adopt a series of noise abatement measures, such as noise barriers and the use of silenced-type plant and equipment, to minimise nuisance and disturbance to the local environment. A waste management system covering the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials will be implemented on site to minimize waste.

Undertaking the construction work in the busiest commercial district in Hong Kong is a big challenge, making safety paramount in a bid to ensure that passers-by and tourists are not affected. Therefore Gammon will implement a series of safety measures, such as following the safety guidelines published by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) as an integral part of its Health and Safety Management system on site. Safety catch fans will be installed along the perimeter of the tower as an additional precautionary measure during construction of the tower superstructure, and an anti-collision system will be installed for all the tower cranes during the course of the work.

The work comprises the construction of a 36-storey retail/office building. Other facilities include a four-storey car park and retail basement, covering a total gross floor area of approximately 710,000 square feet and a site area of around 47,738 square feet.

Construction has commenced in April 2009 and is scheduled for completion in late 2011. A total workforce of 600 will be employed at the peak of the construction.

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