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Gammon Wins Two Awards at 2010 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Gammon Construction Limited ("Gammon") today proudly received two Sectoral Awards under Construction Industry Sector at the 2010 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE), namely Gold Award for the Hennessy Centre Redevelopment Project and Certificate of Merit for the Reconstruction and Improvement Project of Tuen Mun Road – Eastern Section.

The awards are direct outputs of Gammon's green strategy, which is composed of three core ideals: use wisely, waste less and emit less. Gammon Chief Executive Mr Thomas Ho said, "The awards reaffirm our high standards and target to reduce the carbon footprint which set us on a path to a future low-carbon economy."

The Hennessy Centre redevelopment is the first Hong Kong building to be pre-certified at the highest Platinum level for the United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard (LEED), as well as the Hong Kong BEAM standard.

During its construction, Gammon achieved a 10% of reduction in water consumption with its recycled water system. To minimise waste, a Construction & Demolition Disposal Waste System was implemented which allows reusable wastes to be used by other worksites. The program has enabled the site to not only successfully recycle 86,000 tons of broken rock and 4,200 tons of broken concrete and steel beam, but also to reduce truck traffic and its associated air pollution and carbon emissions.

At Tuen Mun Road project that wins the Certificate of Merit, 52% of the construction waste has been successfully reused.

Gammon has also applied sustainable technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the two award-winning projects. BIM gives the project teams a virtual construction site which could reduce waste, improve design coordination, optimise resources and mitigate the project risks.

To address both safety and environmental issues, Gammon takes forward step to launch a Green and Caring Site Commitment programme that aims to recognise worksites that make a strong effort to conserve energy and materials, maintain high standard of safety, corporate social responsibility and housekeeping. Gammon believes this scheme will promote its visions within the company and to subcontractors, clients and the community.



In line with the Government's policy and the need of the community, HKAEE, organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee aims to encourage businesses and organizations to adopt green management and present them with an opportunity to benchmark their commitment towards environmental excellence. It has been recognised by the community as one of the most prestigious and reputable award schemes in Hong Kong.

Launched in 2008, the HKAEE comprises the 'Environmental Labels', 'Carbon "Less" Certificates' and 'Sectoral Awards'. The nine Sectoral Award categories include Construction Industry; Financial, Insurance and Accounting Institutions; Hotels and Restaurants; Manufacturing; Property Management; Public Organizations and Utilities; Retailers; Schools (Primary / Secondary); and Transport and Logistics.

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