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Gammon Construction On-site Smart Devices for Safety Enhancement

Gammon Construction Limited (“Gammon”) proudly introduces more innovative devices on construction projects to strengthen on-site safety, as well as to aid continued safety enhancement in consideration of the social distancing practices as well as the work from home new normal.

360-Degree Virtual Reality Toolbox Training
To further enhance coaching on site, Gammon has developed a smart mobile toolbox. Called VR Toolbox Training, the innovation delivers critical safety messages consistently and directly to workers in a compelling VR experience, in any language, using off-the-shelf robust and inexpensive consumer-level technology. The toolbox consists of one tablet and four headsets which offers 360-degree VR experience on topics covering working at height, pinch point, dust, gloves and heat stress.

VR Toolbox Talk Training directly and significantly benefits on-site health and safety behaviour by delivering its message in an experiential and engaging way. Gammon has 17 sets of 360 VR training tools serving various sites since May 2020. Training can still proceed in small groups, observing COVID-19 social distancing rules. Over 5,000 workers have received the toolbox training and the feedback has been positive.

Smart Ear Defenders
Gammon is collaborating with UK construction technology start-up EAVE to undertake the first trial of their smart ear defenders in Hong Kong. EAVE aims to improve the health and well-being of workers in noisy environments and the ear defenders have been mandated on some of the UK’s largest projects. Unlike traditional ear defenders that block out all sound, EAVE’s active hearing protection allows workers to hear their surroundings at a safe level. This improves situational awareness and enhances safety on construction projects, including the ability to have a conversation without the need to remove protective equipment. Through the use of Eave's unique IoT technology, the system is able to locate and measure sound, giving managers insights into where different levels of noise are generated across a project and the actual exposure operatives have to noise.

A mobile monitoring system called G-eye that provides real-time inspection of front-line conditions and site safety at any time, from any location. The comprehensive coverage enables the project team to make timely deployments according to different day-to-day site conditions and provides comprehensive coverage. By coordinating with automatic artificial intelligence (AI) behaviour detection, the system also alerts workers who enter restricted areas or who are not wearing the necessary protective equipment to enhance their safety awareness. It can also inform the team should an incident occur on site, allowing them to provide a more rapid response and greater opportunity to protect the health and well-being of site workers. The current maturity of AI will support greater utilisation of this equipment in the future and help to accelerate the process of digital transformation in the industry.