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Gammon Construction Extends Innovative Technology Efforts to Optimize Construction - Virtual Reality Safety Training, GPS Tracking, Robotic Construction

Gammon Construction Ltd ("Gammon") continues to bring in the latest innovative technologies to improve workers training and realise quicker and smarter construction. The advanced technologies such as, virtual reality safety training, GPS tracking system and robotic installation of curtain wall, are examples to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the industry meanwhile relieving the labour shortage issue.


Virtual Reality Safety Training


Online game is a common trend nowadays especially to the younger generation. Gammon has taken the lead in incorporating virtual reality in the safety training. The site environment is simulated in 2D and 3D game environment, this enables trainees to experience different scenarios on a virtual construction site as the first-person. Safety Manager Kwok Wai-yin said: "This training has successfully drawn trainees’ attention, stimulated their responses and attained mutual communication, which is more effective and convincing than lectures. Besides, it has changed their mode of thinking, boosted site safety and getting us closer to the zero harm goal”.


i-Core Development


“i-Core” is a joint research project hosted by a team of post-graduates led by Dr. Wilson Lu of HKU and Gammon. i-Core is a standalone, programmable, and extendable electronic circuitry that can be implanted to construction machinery, device, and materials to make them “smart” or “alive”, i.e. they have the capabilities of awareness, communicativeness, and autonomy.  i-Core therefore becomes the “heart” of its carriers. Various components such as GPS, GSM, barometer, thermometer, bluetooth and gyroscope etc. can be integrated into one i-Core chip. 

For the material intensive construction production line, it is often difficult and requires a lot of work to locate and track the location of materials from production to installation. Gammon’s i-Core, when equipped with GSM/GPS chips, provides a solution on logistic management of expensive construction materials such as precast concrete products or chiller plants.  It has the ability to track real-time location and share location information with online database. This enhances efficiency and productivity, and saves the manpower needed in the tracking procedures.


Curtain Wall – Robotic Installation

In order to reduce the labour intensity in construction method and encourage automation, Gammon has introduced the first curtain wall installation robot in Hong Kong. It is anticipated that the robot will reduce manual operation, relieving the serious shortage of curtain wall installer (where it was 39% according to a Gammon internal survey done in Aug 2015), meanwhile enhancing construction safety and we target to reduce number of installation worker by 25%.



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