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Next-generation Clean Power for Construction Sites

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the Enertainer – a research and development project between Gammon Construction and Hong Kong start-up Ampd Energy has resulted in a viable replacement for noisy, polluting diesel generators on construction sites. This commercialised invention marks a new era of a purely electrically-powered construction site for a sustainable future.

The Enertainer – a blending of “energy” and “container” – is a battery storage system intended as the primary source of power for construction machinery on site. Measuring slightly similar than a typical site container, the system addresses most of the problems of diesel generators – think noise, pollution, fumes and fire risk, to name a few.

Instead the almost silent Enertainer emits zero diesel fumes and 85% less CO2. It also provides improved productivity on site through a number of avenues: automatic recharging and zero maintenance downtime, and the ability to extend working hours without the risk of noise prosecution.

Unlike diesel generators which must run continuously regardless of demand, the Enertainer delivers power only when it’s needed making it a highly efficient system. It also provides information on the utilisation of equipment on site, allowing project teams to improve planning and management.