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Gammon Construction wins Innovation and Creativity Award in the 2012 Hong Kong Award for Industries

Gammon Construction is proud to be awarded the Innovation and Creativity Award in the 2012 Hong Kong Award for Industries organised by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) at the Awards Presentation Ceremony-cum-Gala Dinner held on 27 August 2012.

The award is in recognition to the company’s “Green Treatment of Marine Mud” technology being used in the Kai Tak public housing development project. Applied for the first time in Hong Kong, the environment-friendly technology transforms marine mud into backfilling materials and sets a benchmark for future Housing Authority construction projects.

In the Kai Tak public housing development site 1A, over 10,000 cubic metre of marine mud was required to be excavated. Traditionally, the marine mud has been regarded as a nuisance for construction, being treated as waste and dumped in landfills or marine dumpling sites. Considering the damage that would cause to the marine environment and also that fact that it would increase the pressure to the dumping site, a green treatment solution has been developed by the Gammon engineers. By mixing marine mud with premixed cement and in-situ granular, the unsuitable filling materials are transformed into Green-treated marine mud which could provide a solid building foundation.

Approximately 12,000 cubic metre of marine mud, an amount equivalent to five standard Olympic-sized swimming pools, had been treated and backfilled on site, releasing the pressure on the marine dumping sites which had saved HK$4.62 million in disposal costs, while reducing the risk of damage to the marine lift.

The Kai Tak 1A development project is the first construction project in Hong Kong to implement the “Green Marine Mud” treatment technology. It has been applied in other projects of the Housing Authority where there was marine mud, and will be a role model for similar projects in the future.

"The award recognises our close collaboration with our client – the Housing Authority, our outstanding site management and stringent supervision over construction quality,” said Matthew Yu, Project Manager of Gammon. “Combined with our technical capability in utilising innovative solutions for our clients, the project had been delivered ahead of schedule, in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Commenting on the winning technology, the Judging Panel from the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce said, “Gammon has demonstrated the capacity to turn the vision of large-scale green treatment into reality. Through converting waste into green opportunity with its self-developed technological innovation, the Company achieved substantial time and cost saving and has established a benchmark and become a green model in the industry.”

The Hong Kong Award for Industries: Innovation and Creativity is an annual competition organised by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The awards aim to promote a culture of innovation and creativity amongst Hong Kong industries by recogising winning entries that present the unique features of their creative concepts, implement innovative business practices, and demonstrate the commercial viability of their project, as well as its impact on industries and the community in general.

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