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Gammon advocates the application of BIM and was awarded the ISO 14064 verification statement

Gammon Construction Limited (Gammon) dedicates their affords to the complete application of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology for all of their construction projects in order to improve the efficiency of project management, quality, safety and ease the labour shortage problem of the construction industry. BIM also helps the construction industry in waste reduction and relieve the pressure on the landfill sites in the long run. In addition, Gammon construction Limited was the first Hong Kong construction company to obtain the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emission GHG Verification. This shows the determination of Gammon in promoting energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainable construction.

Building Information Modelling and its application

Gammon’s Virtual Design & Construction Team, comprises of 33 team members, is responsible for the application of BIM on Gammon’s projects. First used on One Island East in 2006, BIM has since been employed in a number of Gammon projects, including The Forum in the Exchange Square, the OPUS HONG KONG on Stubbs Road and the redevelopment of the Kwun Tong Swimming Pool Complex…etc.

BIM could simulate the construction process digitally. It helps avoid design conflicts; any clashes identified are resolved before construction by the trades on site which enhances the safety standard. It also facilitates sequence of works planning which minimises construction waste, reduces construction costs and contributes to environmental protection.

Gammon is also the one of the first construction companies in Hong Kong to adopt 3D printing and 3D scanning in construction. The 3D printing technology allows the construction team to create a 3D construction model of the complicated building structure, which is helpful for formulating the construction plan, reduces the need for reworks and lowers the possibility of delays. 3D scanning could survey the sites precisely, even for the areas which are difficult to access. This would be a useful tool for designing the construction, improving the efficiency of information communication and minimise risks.

ISO 14064 verification statement

Gammon becomes the first construction company in Hong Kong to be awarded the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement by SGS. According to the principles of ISO 14064, Gammon would improve its transparency on the emission data of Greenhouse gases, including the reporting of the progress of carbon reduction, setting up the benchmark of carbon reduction and corporate greenhouse gases reduction management. This aligns with Gammon’s sustainable development objective.

Starting from 2012, Gammon’s Corporate Carbon Reduction team has established an analytical carbon emission assessment system in analysing the data on carbon reduction. As a result, low carbon design and construction, the adaptation of environment-friendly timbers and bio-diesel are adopted, which benefit the society economically, environmentally and socially.

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