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Topping Out of "The ONE" Marks the Inception of a New All-inclusive Retail Complex

"The ONE", a 25-level retail complex located at the former Tung Ying Building, was topped out today signifying the landmark building in Tsim Sha Tsui is now at the final phase of construction. It is also a major step towards the emergence of a refined shopping mall tailored for discerning shoppers.

Developed by Chinese Estates Holdings Limited and constructed by Gammon Construction Limited, "The ONE" will be another iconic building at the heart of Hong Kong's tourist hub. The unique curtain wall design together with the façade lighting will highlight the whole area.

Officiating at the topping-out ceremony today included Mr Lau Ming-wai, Director, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, Mr Kenneth Ng, Senior Manager – Project Development, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, Mr Thomas Ho, Chief Executive, Gammon Construction Limited, Mr Philco Wong, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director, Gammon Construction Limited, Mr Danton Lee, Director, Gammon Construction Limited, Mr Ronald Liang, Managing Director, LWK and Partners (HK) Ltd, Mr Ivan Fu, Director, LWK and Partners (HK) Ltd and Mr James Marshall, Director, LWK and Partners (HK) Ltd.

Mr Lau Ming-wai, said, "We are delighted to see the construction of The ONE, a tall and unique all-in-one shopping complex in Tsim Sha Tsui, has come to the final stage. With its remarkable "multi-matrix" design and innovative "vertical-street" shopping concept, we aim to bring shoppers and tourists distinctive shopping experience."

Mr Lau remarked, "The ONE's presence not only adds a bright spark to Hong Kong's retail landscape but also rejuvenates Tsim Sha Tsui by linking up the traditional shopping zones along Canton Road and TST Central, to create the strongest consumer attraction and redefine shopping and lifestyle in Hong Kong."

Mr Thomas Ho, said: "This project is particularly challenging with its site located at one of the territory's key tourist spots. Its occupied surroundings and limited construction site areas require meticulous planning and sophisticated coordination, in order to complete the project in the highest quality and safety standards."

"Time was another big challenge in the project. But, with our concerted efforts and efficient management, we completed the 150-metre structure in just 10 months," he said.

To minimise nuisance to the public, Gammon also introduced many innovative and reliability ideas during construction, including a dust screen covering the whole building to reduce the spread of dust, as well as to minimise noise levels that may have affected the neighbourhood.

Gammon is the contractor of both of the foundation and superstructure contracts. Upon completion in early 2010, "The ONE" will be a modern retail complex with a gross floor area of 37,500 square metres.

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