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Awards galore at Construction Safety Week

Gammon shone at this year’s Construction Safety Week, organised by the Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council, with 21 awards, each of which encapsulates Gammon’s values in action – consideration for local community, safety and health, as well as environmental protection.

Among the various awards, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) medical complex extension project won Gold in the Considerate Contractors Site Award (CCSA), the Outstanding Environmental Management & Performance Award (OEMPA) and the Model Subcontractor Award.

As it was necessary to keep the campus open as usual during the works period, the project team cooperated closely with HKU and adopted quieter and cleaner construction methods. These included the use of saw-cutting slabs and transporting waste-concrete material offsite for recycling into environmental pavers, successfully increasing the recycling rate from 30 per cent to 60 per cent.

The team aims to achieve the first BEAM Plus New Buildings V2.0 (Pilot Version) Platinum ratings in the category of Government, Institutional and Community.

Award List - Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme

Medical Complex Extension for HKU
Non-Public Works – RMAA Works – Gold in CCSA, Gold in OEMPA

Residential Development at KIL 11257, Sheung Shing Street, Ho Man Tin
Non-Public Works – New Works – Group B – Gold in CCSA, Silver in OEMPA

The Sai Sha Road Widening Works for the Comprehensive Development at Shap Sz Heung, Sai Hung North
Non-Public Works – New Works – Group B – Bronze in CCSA, Silver in OEMPA

Entasis Limited
Model Subcontractor – Gold

Central Kowloon Route – Kai Tak West
Outstanding Award for Volunteering Excellence and Activeness

Gammon’s initiatives in health and safety, as well as our Integrated Digital Project Delivery and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly approaches were also recognised. We won a Gold, a Silver and three Merits at the Innovative Safety Initiative Award 2020 and a Merit for Lifting Safety Management System.

At the CCSA Scheme, seven frontline workers were recognised for their good safety performance.