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Health and Safety

Gammon has a leading role to improve construction safety across the industry.

Our commitment to keep the people we employ safe from serious harm is embodied in our Zero Harm programme to remove the risks that lead to fatalities and serious injuries. The goal of this programme is to deliver zero fatalities, zero permanently disabling injuries and zero injuries to our workers and members of the public.

Gammon's Zero Harm Roadmap sets out the basis of this strategy, our engagement with stakeholders and the tools we will use to develop a Gammon Safety Culture and to make Gammon a truly Zero Harm organisation.

We reinforce our safety management through four layers of protection - Design, Plant & Equipment, Process and People to prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents. We also engage our suppliers and subcontractors in our Zero Harm programme through training, workshops, our annual safety conference and promotions.

As the industry leader, Gammon holds the Safety Conference every year to promote the safety culture in the construction industry. Participated by clients, subcontractors, suppliers and Gammon staff, the conference provides a platform for sharing insights and experiences on safety issues.