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Island West Transfer Station

Swire BFI Waste Services Ltd.

Contract Value:
HK$300 million

Construction Period:
1995 Q2 - 1997 Q2

Island West Transfer Station, Hong Kong

The Island West Transfer Station receives, compacts then loads onto barges for transshipment to landfill solid waste from Hong Kong Island. The transfer station is located under Mount Davis in the Western District of Hong Kong in two purpose built rock caverns: one for tipping the waste, the other for compacting it. Two lane access tunnels provided for the waste to be delivered to the tipping hall by waste collection vehicles and taken in a containerised, compacted form from the compacting hall to the barging point.

Gammon was responsible for all of the civil engineering works associated with the project, including excavating 42,000 metre cubed of rock to form the caverns and access tunnels.