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Fire Station with Ambulance Depot and Police Post at Penny's Bay

Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government

Contract Value:
HK$200 million

Construction Period:
2003 Q4 - 2004 Q3

Fire Station with Ambulance Depot and Police Post at Penny's Bay, Hong Kong

The HKSAR Architectural Services Department awarded Gammon the contract, worth HK$160 million, to build a Fire Station with Ambulance Depot & Police Post at Penny's Bay.

The entire development involved the construction of four buildings, namely a Fire Station and Ambulance Depot Complex, a Practice Complex, a Police Post and a Utility Building.

Because they were part of the Disney Theme Park, the design of these buildings was distinguished from others of a similar nature in Hong Kong by their metal roofs, GRC and PGRC wall cladding systems, roof solar panels and standardised finishing products.

The design and construction of the steel truss roof in the Fire Station's Appliance Bay was a critical element as it involved heavy structural steel but had to have an excellent aesthetic appearance.

This project was a joint effort between our in-house engineering designers, Lambeth, and the in-house Production and Supply Services Division (PSSD), requiring high-quality building techniques and integrated solutions. The entire complex had to be finished 12 months before the other Disneyland developments, making quality and timing key elements of this project.

Gammon's involvement in the piling, substructure, superstructure, structural steel roof and final finishing works on this project again showed the extent of the integrated services provided by the company.