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Polytechnic University Student Hostels

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Contract Value:
HK$500 million

Construction Period:
2000 Q3 - 2002 Q1

Polytechnic University Student Hostels, Hong Kong

Apart from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Hostels development, our enviable track record in school project includes the Hong Kong Polytechnic Phase I, the City Polytechnic senior staff quarters, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology senior staff quarters and graduate residences, and the Hong Kong International School.

The Hong Kong Polytechinc University Student Hostels project consisted principally of a 22-storey hostel building providing 1512 student bedrooms, 54 tutor bedrooms and 13 duplex suites. We also built a single-storey auditorium and a number of recreational facilities.

Our work underlined the success of partnering, one of our key business policies in which we worked closely with our customers to understand their needs.

Through partnering, we achieved a number of innovative solutions that delivered superior quality and significant cost savings. For example, our proposal to source fire-rated doors from Singapore rather than the UK saved considerable time.  We helped to save money by ordering the fire-rated doors directly, on behalf of our subcontractor.  We also coordinated our work closely with our client's tight occupancy schedule.  By recommending a number of key modifications to the project, we reduced the construction period and delivered a manageable project timetable.